What you will learn from this case study:

✅ The importance of optimizing your Google Shopping feed to improve ad performance

✅ How keyword research can help you refine your targeting strategy and reach the right audience

✅ The benefits of bid optimization in maximizing your return on ad spend

✅ The impact that effective Google Shopping campaigns can have on revenue growth.

The Challenge:

Our client, a German brand that sells high-quality home and kitchen products as well as handmade items, was struggling to generate revenue through their Google Ads campaigns. Their previous agency had failed to optimize their Google Shopping feed, resulting in poor performance and low return on ad spend (ROAS). They needed a new agency that could help them increase revenue and ROAS.

The Solution:

Our team took over the client’s Google Shopping campaigns and implemented a comprehensive optimization strategy that included the following tactics:

Google Shopping Feed Optimization:

We analyzed the client’s product data and optimized their Google Shopping feed by adding more detailed product information, including high-quality images and descriptions. We also identified and resolved any issues with the feed that were negatively impacting their ad performance.

Keyword Research:

Our team conducted extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for the client’s products. We used this research to refine their targeting strategy and ensure that their ads were reaching the right audience.

Bid Optimization:

We optimized the client’s bids to ensure that they were getting the best possible return on their ad spend. We used a combination of manual and automated bidding strategies to maximize their ad performance.

The Result:

Within 60 days of taking over the client’s Google Shopping campaigns, we were able to increase their ROAS from 1.47 to 5.54. This significant improvement in performance resulted in a substantial increase in revenue for our client. Our optimization strategy helped to ensure that their ads were reaching the right audience, generating more clicks, and driving more sales.


For our client, improving their Google Shopping performance was critical to their success. By taking a comprehensive optimization approach and focusing on feed optimization, keyword research, and bid optimization, we were able to significantly increase their revenue and ROAS within just 60 days.