What you will learn from this case study:

✅ The importance of e-mail marketing in retaining customers for a skincare and health brand

✅ How weekly newsletters can provide value and keep customers engaged

✅ The effectiveness of loyalty rewards in incentivizing customers to make repeat purchases

✅ How pop-ups can increase newsletter subscribers and expand the customer base.

The Challenge:

Our client, a skincare and health brand, faced a challenge in retaining their customers. With increasing competition in the market, they needed to develop a strategy to keep their existing customers engaged and interested in their products. They approached us to develop a solution that would help them increase their returning customer rate.

The Solution:

We implemented a comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy that included weekly newsletters, rewards for loyal customers, and a new pop-up on the website to increase newsletter subscribers.

Weekly Newsletters:

Our team developed a series of engaging and informative newsletters that provided value to the customers. We included information about new products, promotions, and relevant health and skincare tips that resonated with the target audience.

Loyalty Rewards:

We implemented a loyalty program that rewarded customers for their continued purchases. This incentivized customers to keep coming back to the website to purchase products and encouraged them to make more purchases in the future.

Pop-up Implementation:

We created a pop-up on the website that offered customers the option to sign up for the newsletter. This helped to increase the number of subscribers and allowed us to reach a wider audience with our newsletters.

The Result:

Within one year, we were able to increase the returning customer rate for our client by 303%. Our e-mail marketing strategy generated significant engagement and helped to establish a loyal customer base for our client. We also saw a significant increase in revenue from email accounts, which accounted for roughly 30% of the overall revenue.


Retaining customers can be a challenge in the competitive market of skincare and health products, but with the right e-mail marketing strategy, it is possible to create a loyal customer base. This shows the effectiveness of weekly newsletters, loyalty rewards, and pop-ups in increasing the returning customer rate. By providing value to the customers, incentivizing purchases, and expanding the customer base, we were able to help our client achieve their goal of increasing returning customers and revenue from email accounts.